2019.5.6 Otomebunraku & Flower Performance with lunch


20th Anniversary : Otomebunraku & Flower Performance

Otome Bunraku is a traditional puppet drama performed by one woman.

 In it puppets perform a dance to Nagauta (a Japanese traditional music which uses narrative chanting and a shamisen). You can also enjoy an Ikebana performance there. You can enjoy many types of traditional Japanese arts in the performa.

* explanation in Japanese only




Mitsuka Yoshida (Puppet)

Wakami Imafuji (Nagauta)

Seiko Yada (Flower Artist)

Kyozo Kudo (Narrator)




May 6th



Seating opens: 11:30

Performance starts: 12:00



13,000 yen (with a Japanese style lunch + 1 drink)

*advance purchase required 



Taiko-En (Access)

9-10 Amijima-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka

TEL: 06-6356-1110


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